Coming Soon: I have written an informative book about art and exclusion that will be published soon

john roberto book art and exclusion

I’m thrilled to announce that my upcoming book titled “Arte y Exclusión: Cuatro formas de exclusión en el arte” (Art and Exclusion: Four Forms of Exclusion in Art) will soon be released. Inspired by the exhibition held at the Autonomous University of Barcelona with the same title, this book gathers previously unpublished texts and additional information about the featured artists.

“Art and Exclusion: Four Forms of Exclusion in Art” sheds light on the dynamics of exclusion within the artistic realm by showcasing the work of eleven artists, classified into four categories for didactic purposes: artists with mental illness, artists with physical disabilities, self-taught artists, and street artists (graffiti artists). While they all share a passion for art, they also share the feeling of not being valued in the same way as mainstream creators.

Through their artwork, the participating artists in this exhibition demonstrate that the value of a creation should not be subject to social prejudices or labels, but rather to its authenticity and emotional impact. Each piece serves as a testament to artistic resilience against uniformity, showcasing how creativity thrives outside the constraints of academic art.

“Art and Exclusion: Four Forms of Exclusion in Art” advocates for a shift towards a more inclusive and appreciative space for artistic diversity, inviting us to reflect on how cultural perceptions and stereotypes shape our understanding of art. Stay tuned for more updates on the release date and where to get your copy!