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My social entrepreneurship project, Marginarte (outsider art), has been featured in the newspaper “Cugat Mèdia”

The 4th edition of the Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Contest (Emprenedoria i Economia Social) of the Sant Cugat City Council already has eight participating entrepreneurial projects. Now, these initiatives enter…
John Roberto interview project

The newspaper elCugatenc has published an article in which I and my colleagues talk about the Marginarte project

Marginal art, outsider art. Art not domesticated nor subjected to professional or academic norms. Artistic works that do not have a space in art galleries or museums. Created by artists…
John Roberto book rizomatico

Contributing Author in the book “Aprendizaje rizomático” (Ibero-American Cultural and Scientific Association)

⦁ Roberto, J. (2018). Aprendizaje rizomático basado en ontologías computacionales. In Acuña B. & Grandal M. (Eds.), Aprendizaje Rizomático (pp. 93-133). Spain: ACCI. ISBN: 9788417267940.
John Roberto talk upf 2018

“Ontologies for e-Learning”: presentation (Spanish) at the Digidoc Group (Pompeu Fabra University)

Summary of the paper I gave at the Digidoc Research Seminar that took place on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at the Communication Campus of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, entitled Ontologies…
John Roberto book language learning 2018

Contributing Author in the book “Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Technology-Enhanced Language Learning” (IGI)

The ability to effectively communicate with individuals from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds is an invaluable asset. Learning a second language proves useful as students navigate the culturally diverse world;…

Disponible el corpus Hopinion

Puesto a disposición el corpus de opiniones en castellano Hopinion. Hopinion contiene 17934 opiniones (2.388.848 palabras), básicamente sobre hoteles, provenientes de la web de TripAdvisor. Más información aquí Descargar Hopinion…