Coming Soon: “Art and Exclusion” Exhibition at the University Autònoma de Barcelona. Curated by John Roberto

exhibition John Roberto art exclusion University Autònoma de Barcelona

Exciting news is on the horizon as the University Autònoma de Barcelona eagerly anticipates the upcoming exhibition, “Art and Exclusion.” Although the grand unveiling is yet to take place, meticulous preparations have been made, setting the stage for an immersive and thought-provoking experience.

This exhibition delves into the intricate relationship between art and exclusion. From the careful selection of diverse artworks to the strategic planning of the exhibition space, every detail has been considered to ensure a captivating display.

The exhibition promises to be a unique exploration of artistic expression, challenging conventional perspectives and fostering a dialogue on the complexities of exclusion within the art world. Visitors can expect a vibrant showcase of 14 carefully chosen works, each offering a distinctive voice on the theme: Daniel Saracho, Ernest Mico, Isaac Soler, Josep Durán, Kelly Arrontes, Laura Cid, Marta Bassart, Pedro Zacarías, Tino Rubio, WakeUp and John Roberto.

As the curator, I expresses enthusiasm for this inaugural venture into the world of art curation. The exhibition promises to be a significant addition to the cultural landscape of the university.

Stay tuned for the official opening date, and make sure to mark your calendars. “Art and Exclusion” is poised to be a groundbreaking event, inviting everyone to engage in a conversation about the intersections of art and societal dynamics.

Enclosed with this post are the exhibition blueprints, offering a detailed overview of the curated space. Additionally, you will find information on the 14 selected works, each created by a distinct artist. I am confident that the diverse perspectives showcased in these pieces will contribute to a meaningful and thought-provoking experience for visitors.