Author of a chapter on outsider art and language in the Spanish book “Sentir la profesión. Vivir la Lengua” (Costa Rica)

John Roberto book outsider

For many years, I have sought a way to incorporate language, computer science, and art into my professional activity. It has not been an easy task, as the goal was to naturally integrate these three elements into the study of natural language, providing personal satisfaction while making relevant contributions at a scientific level. By exploring discourses surrounding artistic expressions created by marginalized artists, I found a research niche where I can make significant contributions, bridging computational linguistics with knowledge of art and society.

Roberto, J. (2021). Deconstruyendo el lenguaje del arte Outsider. In N. Castro and S. Rivera (Eds.). Sentir la profesión. Vivir la Lengua. Costa Rica: La Voz Activa.