Delve into my Spanish article “The Museum-Interface and Its Relationship with Outsider Art” on

John Roberto book hipertext 2002

Starting from the concept of outsider art, this article deve-lops some of the ideas regarding the museum-interface proposed by Scolari in his book The Laws of the Interface. After briefly defining what outsider art consists of, the article describes a number of the complex processes that the inter-face-museum has set in motion with the aim of integrating outsider art into cultural dynamics without entailing a loss of value or status for academic art. Specifically, the article focuses on analysing the processes that affect the space in which outsider artworks are exhibited and the language used to talk about outsiders. On the one hand, we will refer to the creation of “singular” museums or anti-museums as alternative spaces for exhibiting art which are not part of the artistic mainstream. On the other hand, we will comment on the function that language plays in the conceptualisation of outsider art as a type of art that is subordinate to the mains-tream. In the final part of the article, I propose a couple of ideas that seek to generate debate.