John Roberto artwork pupy queen 2022

My piece titled “Puppy Queen,” which satirizes Queen Elizabeth II, has been showcased at the Drapaire Art Association

Drapaire-art is an artistic association located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. We are dedicated to art in all its dimensions and have the mission of promoting it through design courses, painting,…
John Roberto book hipertext 2002

Delve into my Spanish article “The Museum-Interface and Its Relationship with Outsider Art” on

Starting from the concept of outsider art, this article deve-lops some of the ideas regarding the museum-interface proposed by Scolari in his book The Laws of the Interface. After briefly…
John Roberto book outsider

Author of a chapter on outsider art and language in the Spanish book “Sentir la profesión. Vivir la Lengua” (Costa Rica)

For many years, I have sought a way to incorporate language, computer science, and art into my professional activity. It has not been an easy task, as the goal was…
John Roberto book digital humanities 2020

Contributing Author in the book “Access and Control in Digital Humanities” (New York: Routledge Publisher)

Access, Control, and Dissemination in Digital Humanities. While DH is seen by some as especially interdisciplinary or more conducive to group work, linked data, and open research, including both access…
John Roberto corpus hopinion

HOpinion is a binary sentiment analysis dataset consisting of 17,934 reviews from TripAdvisor

Hopinion is a corpus of opinions in Spanish. Hopinion contains 17,934 opinions (2,388,848 words), mainly about hotels, from the TripAdvisor website. The opinions are accompanied by linguistic information and metadata.…
John Roberto book ICC

Author of the Spanish book “El procesamiento lingüístico de textos de Opinión” (The Caro y Cuervo Institute)

This book is about polarity analysis of reviews, that is, classifying reviews as either positive or negative based on linguistic evidence. I describe a genre-based approach for the polarity analysis…
John Roberto cugat media

My social entrepreneurship project, Marginarte (outsider art), has been featured in the newspaper “Cugat Mèdia”

The 4th edition of the Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Contest (Emprenedoria i Economia Social) of the Sant Cugat City Council already has eight participating entrepreneurial projects. Now, these initiatives enter…
John Roberto interview project

The newspaper elCugatenc has published an article in which I and my colleagues talk about the Marginarte project

Marginal art, outsider art. Art not domesticated nor subjected to professional or academic norms. Artistic works that do not have a space in art galleries or museums. Created by artists…
John Roberto observatorio cibermedios upf 2018

The Cybermedia Observatory of the UPF refers to my presentation on ontologies and e-learning on its website

Automating processes for teaching and learning on distance education platforms and applying computer science ontologies to incorporate new pedagogical models into e-learning is a key focus. With this objective in…
John Roberto book rizomatico

Contributing Author in the book “Aprendizaje rizomático” (Ibero-American Cultural and Scientific Association)

⦁ Roberto, J. (2018). Aprendizaje rizomático basado en ontologías computacionales. In Acuña B. & Grandal M. (Eds.), Aprendizaje Rizomático (pp. 93-133). Spain: ACCI. ISBN: 9788417267940.