John Roberto, Ph.D

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Ph.D. in Theoretical, Computational, and Applied Linguistics (Excellent Cum Laude) currently based in Barcelona (Spain). I am a researcher and artist with an interest in identifying discursive biases in art. My professional goal is to become an expert in identifying discursive biases in art through the application of cutting-edge technologies for processing textual and visual information. Over the recent years, I have honed my skills in computational text analysis, particularly in ontology learning and machine learning. However, I recognize the need to acquire new skills and experience in analyzing and processing visual information. Therefore, one of my professional aspirations is to gain expertise in data visualization techniques, enabling me to expand the scope of information that linguists typically work with. Additionally, working with museums and cultural institutions, and specifically curating exhibitions on Outsider art, is a crucial part of my professional activity that would serve to broaden my professional horizons.