Contributing Author in the Catalan book “Recerca i Immigració: Ciutadania i Immigració” (Generalitat of Catalonia)

John Roberto book immigration

CODEX SEARCH is an information retrieval engine specialized in foreign law that is based on linguistic tools and knowledge. To develop an efficient IR system (information retrieval) in the indicated domain, it is not enough to use a traditional IR model (information retrieval), which essentially compares the terms of the question with those of the answer because they do not express implications. In this sense, the proposed linguistic solution is based on incorporating the knowledge of specialists by integrating a case library into the system. The cases are examples of procedures applied by experts in problem-solving that have occurred in reality and have resulted in success or failure. The results obtained in this first phase are very encouraging, but it is necessary to continue research in this field to improve the performance of the prototype.

Proposta i implementació d’un motor de recuperació d’informació especialitzat en dret d’estrangeria (Codex). Recerca I Immigració. Generalitat de Catalunya (Ciutadania I Immigració). ISBN: 9788439377870.